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Revision Control
Runtime Library Installation
Software License

The Runtime Library is a collection of composite windows – in this book referred to as templates – entirely written in Tcl/Tk. The first Runtime Library version was created during 1998 by Arndt Roger Schneider with contributions from Thomas Nordmeyer, Heiko Schock and Alan M. Hegarty (Documentation). The Runtime Library was first released in September 1998 as a part of the Limbo GUI Builder Tool, and again in January 1999 bundled with VisualGIPSY 2.x. Since 2000 is the Runtime Library distributed under the terms of the "Artistic License V2.0". The current Runtime Library is an extended version of this collection under the same "Artistic License V2.0".

If the information you are looking for isn’t covered in this book here, then consult the older Runtime Library Manual 1.1. The Runtime Library Manual 1.1 contains a comprehensive discussion of the fundamental template mechanism. The first book also features additional manual pages for the rtl_question and rtl_tooltip templates. The Runtime Library Manual 1.1 is part of the Runtime Library package and can be downloaded as a PDF-file.