Figure 3.3. Galette Properties

Galette Properties

The Galette deals with all the toolbar items equailly. The Galette is meant to logically unite its items. The Galette is thus similar to a tabset, but operates with functional instead of visual aspects.

Galette Property Details

background, foreground, relief, borderWidth, height, width

Conventional properties. These properties behave in the ordinary way. »background« and »foreground« are used for all Galette internal windows.

ensure, package, require

These three properties control the access to all the items inside the Galette. »ensure« and »require« are executed prior before any item can be accessed.

The testing order is: »package« first and »ensure« as the second test. A missing message is displayed whenever the »package« test failed.

»ensure« disables all items, but the items remain visible.

»require« isn’t being used by the Galette and can be freely deployed as a command storage facility.

command, undo

This »command« fragment is executed after an item, in the toolbar, was activated. The Goolbar items may still feature their own, individual commands.

»undo« contains a code fragment informing how an action from this particular Galette can be revoked.

title, hideTitle

Deals with the title bar inside an embedded Galette –the screen shots show a Galette as a floating window.