Gestalt Items 1.2

Application Gestalt Items

Table of Contents

Revision Control
Gestalt Items Installation
Software License
1. Introduction
2. Toolbar
Usage (Disclaimer)
Goolbar Items at a Glance
Compared to Menus
Photo Icons
Vectors and embedded Controls
Goolbar Items
Checkbutton and Radiobutton
Separator and Variable Space
Goolbar Properties
Common Item Properties
Command Properties
Radiobutton Properties
Checkbutton Properties
The Method Elements
Option Database Entries
3. Palettes
Complexity and Limits
4. Customize Toolbar
5. Editable Listbox
6. Stripes
Stripes - Labels and Messages
Stripes and Frames
Stripes and Frame Groups
Active Controls
Unsupported Tcl/Tk Properties
Groups managed by sibling Frames
Groups and AQUA®
Gestalt Items
Stripes and Gooleditor
Stripes and Galette
Stripes and Gistbox
Stripes and the Runtime Library
Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer
The »Template« Way
Stripes and Menus
Tk's Dialog under X Window System
Activate and Deactivate
How the Screen Shots were taken under X Window System
Focus Management
Complexity and Limits
Open Issues
7. Resolution
Resolution and Images
tk scaling
Vector Graphics
An Vector Graphic Primeur
Vector Signature
Drawing window
Position: x and y
Vector Size
A. Reference
Gistbox — Create and manipulate gistbox windows
Goolbar — Create and manipulate goolbar windows
Galette — Create and manipulate galette windows
Zoolbar — Create and manipulate zoolbar windows
Gooleditor — Create and manipulate gooleditor windows
Gstripes — Create and manipulate gstripes windows

List of Figures

2.1. Goolbar AQUA® Selected
2.2. Goolbar AQUA® Unselected
2.3. Goolbar Inside Gooleditor
2.4. Goolbar Context Menu
2.5. Goolbar Internal Structure
2.6. An Active Command (1-Pressed)
2.7. A Selected Radiobutton featuring a Gradient
2.8. Goolbar Show and related Properties
2.9. Goolbar Decoration Properties
2.10. Goolbar Colour Properties
2.11. Common Item Properties
2.12. Command Property
2.13. Radiobutton Properties
2.14. Checkbutton Properties
2.15. Goolbar with »fullHeight«
2.16. Goolbar with Gradients
3.1. Galette for TkPath
3.2. Structure of a Galette
3.3. Galette Properties
3.4. Disabled Galette
4.1. Gooleditor
4.2. Gooleditor Properties
4.3. Another X11 Gooleditor
5.1. Gistbox
5.2. Gistbox Structure
5.3. Gistbox Colour Properties
5.4. Gistbox Listbox Properties
5.5. Gistbox Interaction Properties
5.6. Gistbox Geometry Properties
5.7. Gistbox Highlighting
6.1. A Contour
6.2. A Contour and constituting Frames
6.3. Contour with Splines
6.4. Three items using add
6.5. …displaying the added Frames
6.6. Three items using add and minus
6.7. Touching gridded Frames
6.8. Contour from touching Frames
6.9. A Button
6.10. A disabled Button
6.11. Focus Frame
6.12. An active Button
6.13. A Square Button
6.14. A Button with a red Border
6.15. A default Button
6.16. A disabled default Button
6.17. An active default Button with Focus
6.18. A Menubutton
6.19. An active Menubutton
6.20. A posted Menu
6.21. A disabled Menubutton
6.22. An active Menubutton with Focus
6.23. A centered Checkbutton
6.24. A selected left aligned Checkbutton
6.25. A disabled right aligned selected Checkbutton
6.26. An active left aligned Radiobutton with Focus
6.27. A selected centered Radiobutton
6.28. A disabled right aligned Radiobutton
6.29. An active Checkbutton
6.30. A right aligned active Checkbutton with Focus
6.31. Background Colour
6.32. Vanilla Tcl/Tk Radio-Group
6.33. A striped Radio-Group (The same as before)
6.34. A Button Group
6.35. A disabled Group
6.36. Using Background with Groups
6.37. A vanilla Tcl/Tk Group under AQUA®
6.38. A striped Group under AQUA®
6.39. Hand-crafted Gradients under AQUA®
6.40. A striped Gooleditor
6.41. Galette
6.42. Gistbox with Focus
6.43. Gistbox under AQUA® with Focus
6.44. A striped Rtl_gridwin
6.45. Rtl_combobox under X Window System
6.46. Rtl_combobox under AQUA®
6.47. Font Chooser under X Window System
6.48. Font Chooser under AQUA®
6.49. Rtlysizer with Gstripes
6.50. Rtlysizer with Gstripes under AQUA®
6.51. Cascading Rtl_mlistbox with aquahead
6.52. Rtl_tabset with a Radial Gradient
6.53. A striped Menu with Radiobuttons
6.54. A striped Menu with a Checkbutton
6.55. Sunken Gradient for Selection
6.56. tk_GetOpenFile with Gstripes
6.57. tk_messageBox with Gstripes
6.58. tk_messageBox with Gstripes and Tile
6.59. An Deactivated Dialog
A.1. Gistbox
A.2. Goolbar: Normal, Selection, Active, Focus
A.3. Goolbar: »Working« Active, Focus and Selected
A.4. Goolbar: »Generate« Disabled
A.5. Gooleditor

List of Examples

1. Extending auto_path
2.1. Activated Toggle Button
2.2. Create a named Goolbar item
2.3. Visible and Invisible Items
2.4. Foreground and Background Image
2.5. Vector Signature
2.6. Lisp Code to calculate Vector Icons
2.7. Separators and Variable Space
2.8. Query for Items
2.9. Toolbar using »fullHeight«
2.10. Toolbar using gradients
3.1. Accessing a Goolbar
4.1. customizeToolbar
4.2. A Customize Dialog
5.1. Instantiation
5.2. Instantiation with Rtl_mlistbox
5.3. Modifying the internal Rtl_mlistbox after Instantiation
5.4. Predefine the internal Rtl_mlistbox
5.5. Default »+« and »-« Commands
5.6. Single Entry Property
6.1. A »stripesCommand«
6.2. Using Gstripes
6.3. Hijacking a Message
6.4. Use The Map Event for hijacking
6.5. Custom Contour Signature
6.6. Custom Contour Inner Contour
6.7. Custom Hollow Contour
6.8. Contours
6.9. Notify about modified Property
6.10. An Image from a Bitmap
6.11. Redefine Button Radius
6.12. Radiobutton State Changed
6.13. Making of a Radio group
6.14. Sibling Management
6.15. Hijacking sibling groups
6.16. Manipulating The Gstripes Cache
6.17. Goolbar with Gstripes
6.18. Activate Gstripes for Gistbox
6.19. Activate Gstripes for a Rtl_gridwin
6.20. An adjustCommand for Rtl_gridwin
6.21. The default layout for Rtl_gridwin
6.22. AQUA® Column Header
6.23. Radial Gradients in a Rtl_tabset
6.24. Namespace and Window Class
6.25. Using indices with stripes
6.26. Modifying hijacked windows
6.27. Mixed Stripes
6.28. Defining a Glyph
6.29. Active and disabled Images
6.30. Keyboard keys and Accelerators
6.31. Package gstripestkfdialog
6.32. Package gstripesdialog
6.33. A tk_messageBox
6.34. Layout definition for tk_messageBox
6.35. Traversing a Window hierarchy
6.36. FocusIn
6.37. FocusOut
6.38. Using Focus and traverso
6.39. FocusIn
6.40. FocusOut
6.41. nilstripes for High Performance
6.42. Disable Gstripes Completely
6.43. Disable Gstripes Selectively
7.1. Pimage shrink and zoom
7.2. tk scaling
7.3. TkPath Transformation
7.4. TkZinc 3.3.6 transformation
7.5. Font size in Pixels
7.6. Using Resolution Independent Measurement
7.7. Test Resolution Independency
7.8. Using winfo pixels
7.9. A Zoolbar vector
7.10. Windows Embedded in Zinc
7.11. Windows Embedded in Tk Canvas
A.1. Standard »+« Command
A.2. Standard »-« Command
A.3. Notify after modifications
A.4. gistbox uses Rtl_mlistbox
A.5. Rtl_mlistbox uses Hugelist
A.6. Single Entry Property
A.7. Implicit Visible Items
A.8. Explicit Visible Items
A.9. Hide Toolbar
A.10. Calling a Gooleditor
A.11. activeforeground inside of a vector ...«
A.12. ...focus-ring management inside of a vector ...
A.13. Using add of goolbar
A.14. Implicit Visible Items
A.15. Explicit Visible Items
A.16. Calling a Gooleditor
A.17. Hide Toolbar
A.18. Implicit Visible Items
A.19. Explicit Visible Items
A.20. Hide Toolbar
A.21. Calling a Gooleditor
A.22. Use nilstripes for high Performance
A.23. An adjustCommand for Rtl_gridwin
A.24. Indicators