Gestalt Items

Any Gestalt Items template may make use of Gstripes, the »how« may differ however.

In case of the Goolbar: The Goolbar uses stripes directly by sending its internal canvas window to Gstripes it so mimic as Gstripes window.

The same »stripes« Option Database entry is used by Goolbar. »stripesCommand« and »adjustCommand« are however attributes from the Goolbar. Remember that the Goolbar mimics as a Gstripes window.

Any Gooleditor uses internally a Goolbar therefore everything mentioned in Chapter 2, Goolbar applies for the Gooleditor, too.

Make sure that any embedded dialog ( through »customizeTemplate«) uses the same Gstripes method as the Gooleditor.

The main feature inside a Galette is a Goolbar extended with a Rtl_gridwin. See Chapter 2, Goolbar and the section called “Rtl_gridwin ”.

The Rtl_gridwin inside Galette can't be striped. The Rtl_gridwin isn't a direct ancestor of the contained Goolbar canvas and thus Gstripes would disrupt the established Z-Order. The same applies for the Rtl_tree, too.

The striped Gistbox displays a button group and striped background (white space). Unlike the Rtl_gridwin there is no need to replace the focus ring.

Rtl_gridwin inside Gistbox

Gistbox contains a Rtl_gridwin (see the section called “Rtl_gridwin ”)!

Gstripes should be disabled for every special Rtl_gridwin instances. This is already secured inside the of the Runtime Library and Gestalt Items. For example the Rtl_tree, Gistbox and Galette.