Chapter 2. Goolbar

Table of Contents

Usage (Disclaimer)
Goolbar Items at a Glance
Compared to Menus
Photo Icons
Vectors and embedded Controls
Goolbar Items
Checkbutton and Radiobutton
Separator and Variable Space
Goolbar Properties
Common Item Properties
Command Properties
Radiobutton Properties
Checkbutton Properties
The Method Elements
Option Database Entries

The Goolbar template is the beating heart of the Gestalt Items toolbar implementation. The Goolbar is also being used by the Gooleditor and Galette.

Toolbars are mostly simple frames with a collection of functionality. Toolbars are conventionally located underneath the title bar or the menu bar. This is also the proper location for a Goolbar.

The Goolbar can be placed or managed by any Tk geometry manager or even created as a toplevel window – as every Runtime Library based template. It features a tear off function to alter its managing style from attached to a floating window.

Use the 'grid' geometry manager for any layout work such as main windows or dialogs. The 'grid' geometry manager is harder to learn, but the resulting design is versatile, flexible and able to deal with complex design situations.