Vector Signature

The first argument is the pathName to the drawing window. This can be a canvas or TkZinc 3.3.6 window.

TkZinc 3.3.6 and Tk Canvas are incompatible to each other.

These is a list of tags required to identify the vector by Zoolbar and Goolbar.

You may extend the tags for the created vector, but don’t replace parts or all elements.

Zoolbar and Goolbar uses the provided tags to identify the vector.

Use this tags for the basic group when the drawing window is a TkZinc 3.3.6 window. Make this group an atom.

The two arguments »x« and »y« describe the vector’s origin. x is thereby the center and y the bottom of the vector.

The created vector may exceed the coordinates defined through x and y. If the vector exceeds y –the bottom– it may overlap with its label.

The created vector and its label are realigned after creation.

The vector size is a matter of interpretation. It originates from the toolbar’s »vectorSize« property.

I prefer vectors, which are somewhat higher than wide, and thus tend to interpret »size« as width. Vectors are 25 percent higher than width.

»size« can be ignored at all. The toolbar realigns vectors anyway.

»size« is always provided in pixels! There is no »winfo pixels« conversion needed for »size«.