Open Issues

Mnemonics are not supported by Gstripes. There will be never any support for this historic (CUA) feature.

A new mechanism for keyboard navigation is planned and partly implemented . This will become the ersatz for mnemonics.

If you do have recent first-hand experience with mnemonics and need this feature: send a request to me, with an detailed Use-Case.

The menubar code is in alpha state.

»Columnbreak« isn't supported for striped menus. This is the same issue as with menubar.

»Compound« is currently not supported, except for menus. »Compound« is planned for future versions for »Button« and »Checkbuttons«.

Multi-line text isn’t supported for »Menubutton« and »Button«. This is planned for »Button«, but not for »Menubutton«.

There is no multi-line text inside of »groups«, now and in the future.

Hijacked menus and menus from hijacked menubuttons stay open when the cursor is moved out of the menu. Use the [Escape] key to close the menu and to release the grab.

The Rtl_gridwin inside of Rtl_tree and Galette can’t be striped. This applies for every design where the Rtl_gridwin isn’t a direct ancestor to the managed window, too.

Be careful (suspicious) with modal Dialogs and Menus! The active State »pressed« isn’t rendered properly inside of modal Dialogs. Apparently an issue inside of Tk –Code is executed properly, but the visual changes are suppressed. I suppose this is the same issue with Menus.