Figure 5.3. Gistbox Colour Properties

Gistbox Colour Properties

Figure 5.4. Gistbox Listbox Properties

Gistbox Listbox Properties

Figure 5.5. Gistbox Interaction Properties

Gistbox Interaction Properties

Figure 5.6. Gistbox Geometry Properties

Gistbox Geometry Properties

Property Details:


The Gistbox internal listbox. The kind of the internal listbox can be defined prior creation. »listType« is a static property.

The used list type has to implement the Tk listbox interface.

Gistbox can be combined with: Rtl_mlistbox, Hugelist or listbox.

irelief, state, iborderWidth, ihighlightColor, ihighlightBackground, ihighlightThickness

The »i« properties constitute the internal decoration of a Gistbox. The »highlight« properties should only being used under AQUA® for a platform compliant user interface. These colours are set to 'gray57' under AQUA®.

Do not combine »ihighlightThickness« and »iborderWidth«.

relief, borderWidth, highlightColor, highlightBackground, disabledForeground, disabledBackground, background

Common Tk properties.


»HighlightThickness« does work slightly different to the conventional Tk 'highlightThickness'. The highlighting is presented inside the controls outer boundaries to emphasis its dominant shape (qp-form).

minusCommand, plusCommand

The two buttons in the lower right corner invoke the »minusCommand« or »plusCommand« -scripts after they were pressed.

»plusCommand« is usually mapped to the Gistbox »add« command.

»minusCommand« is usually mapped to the Gistbox »delete« command.

These commands feature their default values. Only, redefine these properties, when an unconventional behavior is required.


Either 'browse', 'extended' or 'single'. The selection mode of the integrated listbox. The exact meaning of this property will vary with the used listbox type.

See the documentation of 'listbox' and 'Rtl_mlistbox' to learn more about »-selectmode« .


Either '0' or '1'. The whole entry contents is treated as a single item when specified. Otherwise, the entry contents will be broken into atoms and each atom added as an item into the listbox.


a variable containing the Gistbox data. Default value is ::GISTBOX.


A command. The »notify« command is called after the contents changed.


Use the Option Database property »button« to substitute the button type inside the Gistbox.

Through the »button« property an alternative button type, such as ttk::button, can be injected into individual Gistboxs.