Changes in Version 1.4 and 1.5

Figure 6. Alternate Screenshot (SVG)


  • Scroll region under non-Microsoft-Windows® systems.

    An <Configure> event may appear before the window is mapped on screen. It thus can happen, that the container frame is smaller than the canvas window; leading to a perpetual wrong scroll region.

  • Resize window and precreated rows.

    Rows are never deleted! This is highly problematic when the window gets resized (smaller), where row-artifacts will remain. In normal circumstances this artifacts are covered by the newly rendered items...

Water marking and transparency can be used inside of the hugelist. The packages »tkpathHugelist« and »tkpath« are required for water marking. See the section called “Water Marking and Vectors with TkPath” for details.

Every change is lavishly commented inside the source-code.