hugelist Advanced

Table of Contents

Runtime Library 3.0 Integration
On-demand Data Acquisition
On-demand Data Acquisition with Version 1.5
On-demand Data Acquisition before Version 1.5
Water Marking and Vectors with TkPath
Frontside Water Mark
Backside Water Mark
Vectors and embedded Controls
Changes in Version 1.4 and 1.5
A. References

hugelist–the listbox discussed in this paper– is a composite window written in Tcl/Tk. A hugelist is composed of three windows, the Hugelist window –a frame with class »Hugelist«, a middle container of type frame and a canvas window.

Download hugelist version 1.5 from the Gestalt Items 1.1 download at sourceforge.

hugelist was written by Maurice Ulis, an older version can be found at ulis' Tcl code.

The differences between Version 1.5 and its earlier versions are listed in the section called “Changes in Version 1.4 and 1.5”.

hugelist is entirely written in Tcl/Tk, no compilation is needed to use it.

The most apparent feature is its constant complexity, which allows for the effective display of even very large data (hence the name). Most other listbox implementation for Tcl/Tk, including those inside Tk, have a much higher complexity.

hugelist is based on the canvas window and can be converted to Scalable Vector Graphics and thus resolution independent printed through FO-Processor (FOP).