Appendix B. Reference II

Table of Contents

Obsolete Templates
Rtl_decoratedFrame — Create and manipulate rtl_decoratedFrame windows
Rtl_spinbox — Create and manipulate rtl_spinbox windows
Rtl_symbolbar — Create and manipulate rtl_symbolbar windows
Rtl_symbutton — Create and manipulate rtl_symbutton windows

The below listed templates are obsolete and not supported.

rtl_cutsomize, rtl_symbolbar and rtl_symbolbarcustomize are succeeded by goolbar, zoolbar, galette and goolbareditor from Gestalt Items.

rtl_symbutton, the same functionality is today part of Tk Button.

rtl_spinbox, the same functionality is today part of Tk Spinbox.

The Tk Spinbox is still problematic, for instance the used up and down arrows are fixed-size –they do not scale with the control. The entire spinbox design –of which rtl_spinbox and Tk Spinbox are mere examples– is wrong.

rtl_decoratedframe also known as labelframe or groupbox, this kind of control creates (only) usability problems.