Runtime Library 3.1

Table of Contents

Revision Control
Runtime Library Installation
Software License
1. Introduction
Runtime Library Design Principles
The Basic Template
Organization of this Book
Changes in Version 2.0
Discarded Templates
Supported Templates in Version 2.0
Changes in Version 3.0
Changes in Version 3.1
2. Usage of Theming
History of Theming
Usability and Themes
Critique of Theming
Critique of Theme 'clam'
Runtime Library Themed
Template Interface
Tk 8.5 and Tile frame as Creator
3. Usage of TkPath
Tk and TkPath Version Recommendations
Xrender and CAIRO
GUI Fashion
Tk, Runtime Library and TkPath
4. Hierarchy
Rubber band
Embedded Rtl_gridwin
Rtl_tree and Rtl_mlistbox
Option Database Entries
Complexity and Limits
Open Issues
5. Tabset
Tabset Metaphor and Design
Purpose of a Tabset
Similarity to a Scrollbar
Logically Organized
Rtl_tabset Structure
Using Tabs and Windows
Chunked Dialogs
Embedded, Hierarchically Related
Option Database Entries
Complexity and Limits
Customize with setformat
Open Issues
6. Multi Column Listbox
Option Database Entries
Complexity and Limits
7. Usage of Scrollbars
Rtl_gridwin History and Design
Scrollbars Revisited
8. Flexible Layout
Tk’s Panedwindow
9. Procedures
Toplevel Geometry Management
Other Procedures
A. Reference
Rtl_scrollwin — Create and manipulate rtl_scrollwin windows
Rtl_gridwin — Create and manipulate rtl_gridwin windows
Rtl_combobox — Create and manipulate rtl_combobox windows
Rtl_tabset — Create and manipulate rtl_tabset windows
Rtl_mlistbox — Create and manipulate rtl_mlistbox windows
Rtl_tree — Create and manipulate rtl_tree windows
Rtl_chooseFont — Create and manipulate rtl_chooseFont windows
Rtl_makeFont — Create and manipulate rtl_makeFont windows
Rtl_shell — Create and manipulate rtl_shell windows
Rtl_statusbar — Create and manipulate rtl_statusbar windows
B. Reference II
Obsolete Templates
Rtl_decoratedFrame — Create and manipulate rtl_decoratedFrame windows
Rtl_spinbox — Create and manipulate rtl_spinbox windows
Rtl_symbolbar — Create and manipulate rtl_symbolbar windows
Rtl_symbutton — Create and manipulate rtl_symbutton windows

List of Figures

4.1. Rtl_tree in Plain Tk
4.2. Rtl_tree Drag'n'Drop
4.3. Rtl_tree Rubber Band Selection
4.4. Rtl_tree Rubber Band Selected
4.5. Rtl_tree with TkPath and CAIRO under X11
4.6. Rtl_tree Colour Properties
4.7. Rtl_tree Callback and Font Properties
4.8. Rtl_tree Selection and Context Properties
4.9. Rtl_tree Drag'n'Drop Properties
4.10. Rtl_tree Internal Geometry Properties
4.11. Rtl_tree External Geometry Properties
5.1. Rtl_tabset Snapshot I
5.2. Rtl_tabset Snapshot II
5.3. Tabs and Rtl_tabset
5.4. Rtl_tabset Custom Properties
5.5. Rtl_tabset Colour Properties
5.6. Rtl_tabset Foreground
5.7. Rtl_tabset TroughColor and TkPath
5.8. Rtl_tabset Common Properties
5.9. Rtl_tabset Geometry Properties
5.10. Rtl_tabset lineColor:
5.11. Tab Properties
6.1. Rtl_mlistbox with Hugelist
6.2. Rtl_mlistbox with Tk’s Listboxes
6.3. Inside a three column Rtl_mlistbox
6.4. Rtl_mlistbox Sort Indicator
6.5. Rtl_mlistbox Sort Properties
6.6. Rtl_mlistbox Column Properties
6.7. Rtl_mlistbox Color Properties
6.8. Rtl_mlistbox Header Properties
6.9. Rtl_mlistbox Interaction Properties
6.10. Rtl_mlistbox Mixed Properties
7.1. Rtl_gridwin Internals, managing a Rtl_scrollwin
7.2. Rtl_gridwin Colour Properties
7.3. Rtl_gridwin Scrollbar Properties
7.4. Rtl_gridwin Miscellaneous Properties
7.5. Rtl_gridwin Geometry Properties
7.6. Rtl_gridwin Internal used Properties
8.1. Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer
8.2. Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer Sample
8.3. After Top resize
8.4. Internal Resize
8.5. Inversion: Right to Left
A.1. rtl_tabset
A.2. rtl_mlistbox using hugelist
A.3. rtl_tree
A.4. rtl_shell

List of Examples

1. Extending auto_path
2.1. Using a Template with ttk::frame
2.2. Failed configure all
2.3. Inoculate the Template Interface against Tile
2.4. Inoculate inside »pkgIndex.tcl«
2.5. ...Inoculate »pkgIndex.tcl«
2.6. Tcl/Tk 8.4 Combine Tile and Rtl_mlistbox
2.7. Tcl/Tk 8.5 Combine Tile and Rtl_mlistbox
4.1. Inserting Nodes
4.2. Table Look
4.3. Using a »glyphs« font
4.4. Using glyphs
4.5. lineDash, simple Line Style for Connections
4.6. lineWidth, width of Lines for Connections
4.7. lineColor, colouring lines for image »_canvas«
4.8. lineColor, colouring connections between »_canvas« and »_rectangle«
5.1. Create Tabs and Rtl_tabset
5.2. Hiding a Tab
5.3. Rtl_tabset as a Window Manager
5.4. grid remove
5.5. Tab format description
6.1. A Two Column Listbox
6.2. Inserting and deleting Items
6.3. Sort command Signature
6.4. Xrdb, Coloured Listbox Columns
7.1. Using Rtl_gridwin
7.2. Using autoHide
7.3. 'rslider' without a Rtl_gridwin
8.1. Using Rtlysizer
8.2. Using Vertical and Horizontal Together
8.3. Inversion
9.1. rtl::template public Interface
9.2. …continued rtl::template Structure
9.3. …continued rtl::template Implementation
9.4. Using a Runtime Library based Template
9.5. Properties
9.6. Seteach with nested Lists
9.7. seteach with format
9.8. Forbidden format usage
9.9. extendBindtags
9.10. historyGeometry
9.11. historyGeometry with Width and Height
9.12. transientToplevel
A.1. Rtl_scrollwin -fill
A.2. gistbox uses Rtl_mlistbox
A.3. Rtl_mlistbox uses Hugelist
A.4. Rtl_tabset -show
A.5. focusframe inside »gtabset«
A.6. Listbox Dimensions
A.7. »-selectcommand« Signature
A.8. gistbox uses Rtl_mlistbox
A.9. Rtl_mlistbox uses Hugelist
A.10. Using Sort
A.11. Rtl_tree Char Transformation
A.12. »-selectfcn« Signature
A.13. »-openfcn« Signature
A.14. »-dragfcn« Signature
A.15. Substituting Images with Glyphs
A.16. Rebuild
A.17. Local Prompt