Chapter 2. Runtime Library and Tile

Table of Contents

History of Theming
Usability and Themes
Critique of Theming
Critique of Theme 'clam'
Runtime Library Themed
Template Interface
Tk 8.5 and Tile frame as Creator

Theming is probably as old as the Graphical User Interface itself. An early example is xrdb (The X11 X Resource Database), Tk's option database is a rough –possibly a better– version of X Resource Database. Microsoft® Windows® had also the capability to change colour, font and resolution right away. Mac OS® 9.x is probably the first widely used Graphical User Interface, with a modern type theming engine. Theming has spilled over to AQUA®, where third-party tools enable it.

Theming may cover the shape of controls. Consequently, a theme is nowadays a collection of fonts, colours, shapes, images and resolution.