Runtime Library Installation

Runtime Library is a collection composite windows–referred to as templates– written in Tcl/Tk.

The Tcl/Tk package mechanism is being used for each individual template.

The entire Runtime Library shall be placed in the Tcl/Tk search path specified by the special Tcl-Variable: auto_path.

Example 1. Extending auto_path

set auto_path [linsert $auto_path 0 \

the Example 1, “Extending auto_path” inserts the directory, represented by the environment variable »MYPRODUCT_HOME«, at the first position of the auto_path variable. Every subdirectory of »MYPRODUCT_HOME« containing Tcl/Tk packages is thus also included in the search path. It does suffice to make the Runtime Library a subdirectory of »MYPRODUCT_HOME«.

Alternatively, the Runtime Library can be installed where Tcl/Tk itself resides. The Tcl/Tk installation place various on the different platforms.

Tcl/Tk Installations

There is no need to extend the auto_path variable when Runtime Library is being installed in the conventional Tcl-directory.