Chapter 8. Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer

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Tk’s Panedwindow

In the former Runtime Library versions »xsizer« and »ysizer« were used to define flexible areas inside a dialog. These procedures do still exist, but new wrappers Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer are being added.

The wrappers Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer can be dealt with any normal window, albeit after creation only the first window –the vertical / horizontal line– is accessible.

The original »xsizer« and »ysizer« are still available and are being used by Rtlxsizer, Rtlysizer. These procedures deploy »xGrip« and »yGrip« to draw platform conform resize handles. The design currently conform to AQUA® and ClearLooks (Gnome) under X11. There is no specific design for Microsoft® Windows®.

A window may deploy as many Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer children as needed. The single requirement is, that the »grid« geometry manager is used to layout its children. The various Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer may overlap or being moved to columns columns and rows.

Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer won’t work for packed windows.

The idea behind Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer was to avoid unnecessary deep window hierarchies for dialogs.

As a side effect: Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer can be added to an existing design without any changes to the underlying structure. As long as the dialog uses the »grid« geometry manager.