Tk’s Panedwindow

The panedwindow from Tk serves a similar purpose like Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer do. Panedwindow is a container window, with its own built-in geometry manager (named panedwindow).

Panedwindow requires modifications on the window hierarchy, and thus can’t be added afterward. Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer do not have this requirement and are easily added to an already existent Graphical User Interface even after the design was completed. Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer might even interactively being added or removed from the Graphical User Interface.

Use the panedwindow over Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer, whenever the targeted toolkit isn’t Tk, when this toolkit lacks distinct geometry managers.

Cocoa, for instance, features a panedwindow-like window. Use the panedwindow from Tk, when prototyping for Cocoa.