Rtlysizer and Rtlxsizer are 'frame' windows and therefore the same properties are supported. The '-class' property is automatically set to Rtlxsizer and Rtlysizer.

Extra Properties for Rtlysizer


Defines in which row the layout line has to be created. Note, Rtlysizer manipulates this row –the line is adjusted with »sticky ews«.

Extra Properties for Rtlxsizer


Defines in which column the layout line has to be created. Note, Rtlxsizer manipulates this column – the line is adjusted with »sticky ens«.

Extra Properties for Rtlysizer or Rtlxsizer


Be careful when using this property! Only use it in combination with »inversion 1« as : »wns«, »w«, »wn« or »ws« for Rtlxsizer and »new«, »n«, »nw« or »ne« for Rtlysizer


Tells Rtlysizer, Rtlxsizer to negate the manipulation of its containing row, column.

Inversion is useful for bottom to top and right to left resize operations.


Defines how many rows and columns are used for the resize line. Default is 10 rows or columns.