Figure 7.2. Rtl_gridwin Colour Properties

Rtl_gridwin Colour Properties

Figure 7.3. Rtl_gridwin Scrollbar Properties

Rtl_gridwin Scrollbar Properties

Figure 7.4. Rtl_gridwin Miscellaneous Properties

Rtl_gridwin Miscellaneous Properties

Figure 7.5. Rtl_gridwin Geometry Properties

Rtl_gridwin Geometry Properties

Figure 7.6. Rtl_gridwin Internal used Properties

Rtl_gridwin Internal used Properties

Property Details:


Either '0' or '1', the scrollbars are hidden in response to a 'leave' event and displayed after an 'enter' event.


Either '0' or '1', the scrollbars are only displayed while the contents exceeds the window size.


'left', 'top', 'right' and 'bottom'. Describing the placement of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars. Default is 'bottom right'.


'x', 'y', 'none' and 'both'. Which scrollbars are visible: 'x' = horizontal and 'y' = vertical.

window, widget

The managed window, this is usually a child of the Rtl_gridwin. The Rtl_gridwin uses the 'grid' geometry manager.

xscrollstartcommand, xscrollstopcommand, yscrollstartcommand, yscrollstopcommand

These properties are internally set by the Rtl_gridwin itself; do not set them.