Chapter 7. Rtl_gridwin

Table of Contents

Rtl_gridwin History and Design
Scrollbars Revisited

The Rtl_gridwin manages scrollbars for its child window. The child window is assigned to the Rtl_gridwin through the 'widget' property.

Example 7.1. Using Rtl_gridwin

# Note: gridwin is the parent window.
rtl_gridwin .gridwin -window .gridwin.child

# The child window is being instantiated
# after the gridwin:
text .gridwin.child

# Notify the gridwin to refresh itself, and
# map the 'child' window on screen.
.gridwin update

The Rtl_gridwin design provides a standardized way for scrollbar management in an application. There is no need to assign: xscrollcommand, yscrollcommand, xscrollstartcommand, yscrollstartcommand, xscrollstopcommand or yscrollstopcommand.

The Rtl_gridwin uses the grid geometry manager to display its children. The assigned window is mapped on screen after calling 'update' .