Rtl_gridwin History and Design

A lot of windows require scrolling. Rtl_gridwin provides scrollbar management for its assigned window.

Rtl_gridwin hides the Tk scrollbars whenever possible. This design decision was caused by the somewhat antique default appearance of scrollbars.

Strictly speaking the Tk scrollbar default design is amongst the best of every windowing system. Only all the pseudo-3D effects have to be eliminated, and the scrollbars visually integrated with the scrolled window. After which very few design errors remain within the scrollbar design.

Rtl_gridwin 2.0 extends the scrollbar hiding even further. The scrollbars will only stay visible while the cursor is inside the Rtl_gridwin. This behavior is controlled through the 'autoHide' property.

Example 7.2. Using autoHide

# Use 'autoHide' for all 'rtl_gridwins':
option add *Rtl_gridwin.autoHide 1

The Scrollbar management itself is carried out through the 'rsilder' procedure.

Example 7.3. 'rslider' without a Rtl_gridwin

.child configure -yscrollcommand {
   rslider .child .vertical y y; .vertical set

 grid .vertical -column 1 -row 2 -sticky nse

Note: 'rslider' is called before the scrollbar 'vertical'. 'autoHide' wont work when rslider is directly used, as is shown above.