The Rtl_tabset interface is similar to Tk’s Menu. A menu has menu entries and a Rtl_tabset »tabs«.

Figure 5.11. Tab Properties

Property Details:

onvalue, offvalue, variable, command

The 'tab' interface is similar to a checkbutton. 'on' 'off' -'value' can be used to identify the selected tab. A tab does not require an assigned window.

image, text

What will be shown in front of the tab. Image : A Tk image. Text : Any single line text.

'Image' and 'Text' are centered on the tab.

foreground, background

A Colour.

The 'foreground' colour is used when the tab is in the front (selected), only. The Rtl_tabset 'foreground' colour is used for all tabs in the background (inactive).

A gradient will be used for the 'background' colour when TkPath is present.


The 'width' property defines the minimal size of the tab (horizontal or vertical).

See also the section called “Open Issues”.


The property 'widget' transforms a Rtl_tabset into a notebook (a multi page interface).

The, with '-widget', assigned window must be a child of the Rtl_tabset.


Tabs, can be temporarily disabled by assigning : 'tabset' itemconfigure 'tab' -state disabled.

A »disabled« tab is kept in the background, even less perceptible than an inactive tab.


The 'format' property is identical in function to 'setformat' for the Rtl_tabset (See: the section called “Customize with setformat” ). This property allows to replace the shape of a single tab with the specified format definition.