Chapter 5. Rtl_tabset

Table of Contents

Tabset Metaphor and Design
Purpose of a Tabset
Similarity to a Scrollbar
Logically Organized
Rtl_tabset Structure
Using Tabs and Windows
Chunked Dialogs
Embedded, Hierarchically Related
Option Database Entries
Complexity and Limits
Customize with setformat
Open Issues

Notebooks are long time Graphical User Interface elements, Rtl_tabset is the Runtime Library implementation of a notebook and tabset. A Rtl_tabset is being used to navigate between related pages inside a dialog.

The initial implementation of Rtl_tabset took half a work day. –The first version was a satirical tabset. The current tabset implementation however is not meant satirical.–

Tabsets are often used to organize »Preferences«. They appear in every windowing system. There is a clear need for this control type.