The Rtl_tabset properties customize its visual representation. Whereas the functional aspects are carried out by the individual tab.

Figure 5.4. Rtl_tabset Custom Properties

Rtl_tabset Custom Properties

Figure 5.5. Rtl_tabset Colour Properties

Rtl_tabset Colour Properties

Property Details:


'1' or '0'. Autovisible specifies that the Rtl_tabset will scroll the selected tab to be fully visible when selected.

Autovisible is ineffective when used together with 'centered'.


'1' or '0'. The Rtl_tabset will center the tabs.

Centered may not being used together with 'autovisible'.

The centered design should be used on AQUA®, as shown in the provided screen shots.


A colour either as named in rgb.txt: red for example or via its rgb code: #ff9900.

The 'foreground' colour is used for the unselected tabs. The tab will use its own foreground colour when selected. Foreground supplies the default value for the 'lineColor' property.


A colour. TroughColor defines together with 'background' the inactive area of the Rtl_tabset. A gradient will be used from 'background' to 'troughColor' when TkPath is present; otherwise 'troughColor' will stipple 'background'.

Figure 5.6. Rtl_tabset Foreground

Rtl_tabset Foreground

Figure 5.7. Rtl_tabset TroughColor and TkPath

Rtl_tabset TroughColor and TkPath

Figure 5.8. Rtl_tabset Common Properties

Rtl_tabset Common Properties

Figure 5.9. Rtl_tabset Geometry Properties

Rtl_tabset Geometry PropertiesRtl_tabset Geometry Properties