I favor explicit control over every aspects of a control’s properties and behavior. The Rtl_tree is no exception from this. Any node inserted into the Rtl_tree has to be specified before, and then inserted into the hierarchy by using a 'insert' call.

Each node is identified by a delimiter token (default is /), this token can be changed with the Rtl_tree 'char' property.

Example 4.1. Inserting Nodes

# Assume .tree is a rtl_tree and 
# Images imgA, imgB, imgRoot exist.

.t.tree insert /    -image imgRoot
.t.tree insert /a   -image imgA
.t.tree insert /a/b -image imgB

The attributes contributed with each insert operation have to match those defined in the property 'visible' (See: Example 4.2, “Table Look”). There may be more attributes specified then listed in 'visible'.