Rtl_tree and Rtl_mlistbox

Starting with version 2.0, the Rtl_tree gained some functionality reserved for the Rtl_mlistbox.

Secondary data can be presented in a table look-a-like fashion by specifying a size for each »visible« element.

Example 4.2. Table Look

# A Hierarchy with a table look:
rtl_tree .tree… \
        -visible {
            {Text 180}
            {Category 0} 
            {Related 120}
         } \

The Example above shows a three column table after the hierarchy itself. »Category« is the first column starting immediate after the hierarchy. »Related« is the second column separated by »120« pixel from the hierarchy. »Text« is the last column.

Figure 4.5. Rtl_tree with TkPath and CAIRO under X11

Rtl_tree with TkPath and CAIRO under X11