Figure 4.6. Rtl_tree Colour Properties

Rtl_tree Colour Properties

Figure 4.7. Rtl_tree Callback and Font Properties

Figure 4.8. Rtl_tree Selection and Context Properties

Figure 4.9. Rtl_tree Drag'n'Drop Properties

Figure 4.10. Rtl_tree Internal Geometry Properties

Figure 4.11. Rtl_tree External Geometry Properties

Property Details:

indentx, indenty

'indentx' and 'indenty' are used to define the minimal space between two nodes (indentx between leaf and node).

A node may exceed the size granted by 'indenty'. In this situation the node receives as much space it requires. The Rtl_tree deals with any node of any size.

The entire hierarchy will be redrawn, whenever 'indentx' and or 'indenty' is set.


Either '0' or '1'. Root defines whether there is a visible parent node (the root node) for the hierarchy or not. If '0' is specified the single root node will be omitted. The nodes underneath root will then appear as roots of independent hierarchies.

The entire hierarchy will be redrawn, whenever 'root' is set.


Either '0' or '1'. The 'glyphs' property tells the Rtl_tree to replace the provided images with »glyphs«.

The »glyphs« and the providing font have to be specified inside the »option database«.

Example 4.3. Using a »glyphs« font

# Assume the tree’s path: .tree
option add *tree.glyphFontFamily Windings
option add *tree.glyphFontSize 18

glyphFontFamily and glyphFontSize are used instead of »glyphFont« in order to directly use them with 'ptext' from TkPath

Example 4.4. Using glyphs

# Assume image : _picture
# Assume tree’s path : .tree
option add *tree._picture__glyph k

# …or via class
# option add *Rtl_tree._picture__glyph m

foreground, background

Any Colour.

The entire hierarchy will be redrawn after 'foreground' or 'background' was set.

'background' is currently faulty. Some columns may not being updated after background was set. In consequence the column colour may remain wrong until either 'foreground' is set or a node modified (open/close).

hasChildrenfcn, requestChildrenfcn, openfcn

On demand node management. These »callback« functions are called to refresh the data inside the the Rtl_tree.

See the rtl_tree.tcl to learn more about callback functions. There is a rather longish comment in that module.

dragfcn, contextfcn, selectfcn

The interactive »call back« functions used by the Rtl_tree.

See also rtl_tree.tcl for details.