Option Database Entries

There are some option database entries for the Rtl_tree. These options control the relationship between nodes and some aspects of there appearance. Glyphs and -font have been mentioned above: Example 4.4, “Using glyphs” and Example 4.3, “Using a »glyphs« font”. There is more:

Example 4.5. lineDash, simple Line Style for Connections

# Use a simple line (default is stippled).
option add *Rtl_tree.lineDash {}

Example 4.6. lineWidth, width of Lines for Connections

# Use bright, 15 points width, lines for
# the connections, default is 1 pixel.
option add *Rtl_tree.lineWidth 15p

In addition, connection lines may have different colours. The colouring is controlled by using the assigned »image« as the indicator similar to Example 4.4, “Using glyphs”.

Example 4.7. lineColor, colouring lines for image »_canvas«

# Use 'lightgreen' as the colour
# for each leaf under image »_canvas«
option add \
     *Rtl_tree._canvas__lineColor lightgreen

This does work for individual connections, too.

Example 4.8. lineColor, colouring connections between »_canvas« and »_rectangle«

# Use 'red' as the colour
# for each image »_rectangle« leaf 
# under image »_canvas«.
option add \
     *Rtl_tree._canvas__rectangle__lineColor red