Chapter 3. Usage of TkPath

Table of Contents

Tk and TkPath Version Recommendations
Xrender and CAIRO
GUI Fashion
Tk, Runtime Library and TkPath

The Runtime Library makes use of TkPath on a if present base. If TkPath is available it will be utilized by the Runtime Library.

Supported TkPath versions are: 0.2.4 and higher, 0.3 and higher. At the time of writing –Summer 2008– TkPath 0.3 is just released and will thus require some time until it reaches the maturity of 0.2. Therefore the recommendation is 0.2–especially for AQUA®.

TkPath 0.3 and 0.2.5 and higher require Tk 8.5.

The Runtime Library is written for Tk 8.4 and higher, TkPath 0.2. is the only version which can be used with Tk 8.4. This is my recommendation for X11.

My recommendation for AQUA® is to use the latest Tk version –Tk 8.5– and the highest TkPath 0.2.8 version.

TkPath is being hosted at