Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

Runtime Library Design Principles
The Basic Template
Organization of this Book
Changes in Version 2.0
Discarded Templates
Supported Templates in Version 2.0
Changes in Version 3.0
Changes in Version 3.1

The Runtime Library contains a series of composite windows written in Tcl/Tk. The Runtime Library composite windows are referred to as templates.

All Runtime Library templates can be converted into Scaleable Vector Graphics, thanks to their implementation in Tcl. In some instances gstripes, from the Gestalt Items, is used for the Scaleable Vector Graphics conversion. Please see Gestalt Items, gstripes. The generated Scaleable Vector Graphics can then being edited with conventional vector graphics software and embedded into HTML or PDF.

FOP the FO-Processor, a java® application, converts Scaleable Vector Graphics into PDF or prints it as a vector graphics –resolution independent.

This book contains Scaleable Vector Graphics screen-shots inside the manual pages of: Figure A.3, “rtl_tree”, Figure A.2, “rtl_mlistbox using hugelist” and Figure A.1, “rtl_tabset”.