The Rtl_mlistbox does not sort by itself. Instead a »sort Command« is called in response to a sort invocation. The two properties controlling sort are 'sortable' and 'sortCommand'.

Figure 6.4. Rtl_mlistbox Sort Indicator

Rtl_mlistbox Sort Indicator

The specified »sort command« is called from Rtl_mlistbox; the particular sorting method is specified as the last argument 'sortby'. 'sortby' can have 'none', 'dictionary' and 'decreasing' as its value. What these values mean in your application is of no concern for the Rtl_mlistbox.

Figure 6.5. Rtl_mlistbox Sort Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Sort Properties

Example 6.3. Sort command Signature

proc sortnotifier {
   mlistbox sortedColumn sortby
} { … }