Figure 6.6. Rtl_mlistbox Column Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Column Properties

Figure 6.7. Rtl_mlistbox Color Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Color Properties

Figure 6.8. Rtl_mlistbox Header Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Header Properties

Figure 6.9. Rtl_mlistbox Interaction Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Interaction Properties

Figure 6.10. Rtl_mlistbox Mixed Properties

Rtl_mlistbox Mixed PropertiesRtl_mlistbox Mixed PropertiesRtl_mlistbox Mixed Properties

Property Details:


Either '2D' or '3D'. The '3D' style is modeled after AQUA®'s table view. The '2D' style uses an inverted two-dimensional colour scheme for the header row.


A colour. 'gridColor' is used for the vertical lines separating the columns. This colour is usually gray.


Either '0' or '1'. Activates the sorting ability.


This command is called in response to a sort operation. The Rtl_mlistbox has no sort capabilities of its own.


A listbox compatible window type. This property is static and cannot being changed after the Rtl_mlistbox is created.